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Pindstrup Peatmoss 300 litre: Black Label



ideal for vegetable seeding

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Substrate with medium fertilizer content, 100 % dark peat; ideal for vegetable seeding.
There are two possible pH levels:
pH 6.0: ideal for most cultures, low-medium alkalinity water
pH 5.5: high alkalinity water or special plant requirements

Additional Information
ویژگی ها
SKU pb
کشور سازنده Denmark
Manufacturer PINDSTRUP
Number in pallets 18
PH 5.5-6
EC ms/cm 1
DENSITY kg/m3 300
N mg/l 84
P₂O₅ mg/l 165
K₂O mg/l 288
Volume in liters 300
Structure 0-10 mm
Moisture 40-60%
Formula Organic Matter: 70% Ash Content: 30%

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